17 December 2014

The CSR Edition

What goes around, comes around.

In view of the upcoming festive season, LJ Vernus has taken some time off to slow down and do our part for charity. But this time, we have also engaged the participation of 2 other local companies to join us.

Together with Silver Negative Studios and Global Project Services, we have managed to purchase and deliver 24 cartons of basic commodities which included Milo, condensed milk and assorted jams for the residents of an old folks home. 

On the 9th December 2014, various members from each company headed down to the home with the commodities in tow. We also had the pleasure of touring the premises and meeting some of the residents there.

A banded effort

This year, LJ Vernus had decided to take CSR to another level. As a SME, we realize that we want to make a bigger impact on society, but due to the lack of resources, it is difficult for us to organize an elaborate CSR plan. This is where the Inter Business CSR Initiative comes into the picture. 

We aim to get more SMEs on board so that we can plan and execute bigger CSR initiatives such as fundraising days, donation drives, excursion trips and many more. Also, considering that most SMEs do not have a dedicated CSR department, we also aim to provide the infrastructure to save time and energy.

A stepping stone

We've decided on a simple donation drive as our first step. At the moment, there are 3 companies on board, being, LJ Vernus, Silver Negative Studios and Global Projects Services. As the new year approaches, we hope to add more companies via word of mouth and future marketing plans.

Here are some pictures from our December 9 charity drive!

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