26 August 2014

SMExpo 2014 Roundup!

The LJ Vernus team held our first booth exhibition during the SMExpo 2014 last week. A regular face to the expo every year, the team has decided to take it a step further this time in order to reach out and educate more companies regarding the importance of trademarking and brand protection.

The expo proved to be a successful venture and we got to meet up with many old and new partners. As we’ve gotten good feedbacks from the team and the turnout, LJ Vernus is looking at attending more of such conventions and we’ll be back again next year!

Check out some of our on-site photos below!

Do drop us a note to say hi if we met you at the SMExpo! Hope to see you at our next neworking event!

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13 August 2014



7 August 2014                                                                                                                     
Contact: Azimah Jailani, Marcom Executive
Phone: +65 6746 2858


7 August 2014, SINGAPORE- LJ Vernus will be attending the Singapore version of the Asian Domain Summit on the 14th August 2014.

Held at the Raffles Hotel, the Singapore leg of this event is a full day conference that primarily revolves around the domain registry industry. With 4 different summits taking places in Singapore, Xiamen, Hong Kong and Taiwan respectively, the organizers, WebNIC and RegAsia, aims to educate businesses, trademark and brand owners about managing one's brand on the Internet.

With more companies going digital, business owners must understand that the protection of intellectual property rights of a brand has to encompass both online and offline venues.

Director of LJ Vernus, Edward Jui, remarked that, “While most organizations realize the importance of trademarking their brand, many business owners do not have a holistic protection strategy set in place. In many cases, they fail to monitor their online assets which may result in the dilution of their trademark rights.”

For more information on LJ Vernus’s participation in this event, do visit http://bit.ly/1m4DvlU

LJ Vernus is an Intellectual Property firm specializing on trademark, providing expertise on trademark registration and prosecution services as well as integrated IPR solutions to businesses in Singapore, Malaysia, Asia and around the world. For further information, please contact Azimah Jailani at +65 6746 2858.


11 August 2014

Of oil and the colour green

BP loses battle to trademark the colour green in Australia

So what's exactly going on? Here's our take on the current situation.
A colour, by itself or in combination with other colour(s), may qualify as a trademark. However, registering colours per se as a trademark is more an exception rather than the rule. 

In many cases, achieving registration for a colour mark would require the applicant to show that the colour(s) in question has acquired distinctiveness through extensive use in relation to the claimed goods/services. For example, Singapore Reg. No. T9906795F for the famous three horizontal stripes colour mark in respect of retail services filed by 7-Eleven, INC in 1999 was granted registration after the registrar was satisfied that the lodged evidence of use showed that consumers in Singapore have come to identify the colour combination as identifying that the services originate from the 7-Eleven, INC and no other.

The difficulty in registering colours as trademark is one of public policy; the balance of granting monopoly over the use of a particular colour to a single trader without unduly restricting availability of colours for other traders who offer similar products or services.

In BP’s attempt to registering the colour mark, the authority was not persuaded that the lodged evidence was sufficient to show that it has acquired distinctiveness through substantial use.

Edward Jui

8 August 2014

Happy National Day Singapore!

Home is where the heart is!
To all Singaporeans, and not forgetting those who are abroad, have a wonderful National Day. We hope you're looking forward to the parade and fireworks tomorrow!

1 August 2014

Asian Domain Summit 2014

LJ Vernus will be attending the upcoming Asian Domain Summit (Singapore) on the 14th August this year. With 4 conferences taking place in Singapore, Xiaman, Hong Kong and Taiwan, LJ Vernus is proud to be part of this summit to learn more about the burgeoning domain registry industry and explore business opportunities of brand protection.

If you are participating in this event, we would love to have a chat with you. Contact us now to schedule a meeting.

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